20 Most Famous and Visited Nudist Beaches in the World

Many people find nudity as a means of relaxation and an expression of freedom. However, nudism (or naturism as some people call it) is one of the most misunderstood existing lifestyles. However, nudism / naturism exist on many beaches in the world even if it is banned in some countries.

Although not all the tourists feel comfortable in Adam’s costume when they are in public, nudist beaches have their fans. We present some of the most popular areas where you can practice nudism.

10. Bellevue Beach, Klampenborg, Denmark

Located less than 10 kilometers north of Copenhagen, the famous Danish nudist beach is full all the days of summer, most of the young people present here are from all over the Europe. The crowd has and what for to enjoy, extremely clean and crystal clear sea waters, clean sand of any stones, special offers for watersports enthusiasts make Bellevue Beach one of the most beautiful beaches in the north of the continent.

Moreover, on the beach can see Swedish coast and Bresund bridge linking the two countries, an enviable panorama as said most of those present in this place. If you decide to spend your vacation on the beach Danish have, however, know that the north and is for gays and lesbians, and the walks nude in the metropolitan area are strictly prohibited.

Bellevue BeachBellevue Beach Klampenborg


9. Gunnison Beach, New Jersey, SUA

It is the place where you can feel, literally, very comfortable without clothes, many nudists choose to come as a family or couple, a picture meant to get rid of any inhibitions in front of over 5,000 nudists who come here every weekend. Even if, until 1999, nudism was forbidden by law in New Jersey, nudism enthusiasts meet on Gunnison Beach since 1972, those who set the tone being even American soldiers. Since 1999, however, the authorities have decided that beach officially become the meeting place of nudists, being the only nudist beach in this American state.

Gunnison Beach is probably the biggest and most famous beach dedicated to American nudists. Located on the peninsula of Sandy Hook in New Jersey, the beach was officially recognized as a place where clothes are optional, recently being mounted signs that warn passersby that they can meet people naked after a certain point. Gunnison Beach is also, and one of the oldest nudist beaches in the world, lovers of the current meet here, summer by summer for decades.

Gunnison Beach New JerseyDSC_0048


8. Cap d’Agde Beach, France

If you love to make every day activities naked not have to worry, you are not alone. Moreover, there is a perfect place for those who have the same passions with you, holiday village and Cap d’Agde beach in France. Situated near the famous Cote d’Azur, and only a few kilometers from Montpellier, the small town became an important place of meeting for nudists from all over the world. Not only can you sit on the beach with no clothing accessory, but you can make purchases, go to the restaurant, hotel, bar or a night club in the same way.

Cap d’Agde is enjoying such success, that the number of tourists is estimated at about 40,000 people daily. Neither it is surprising if we think that from Cap d’Agde to Paris is a distance of up to 5 hours by train, and from the same place you can get very quickly in Sete port, famous place for delicious seafood recipes, or in the medieval city of Carcassone. Obviously, in Cap d’Agde to you will find people dressed, the clothes are optional, but those who practice nudism are found overwhelmingly so have all chances to feel comfortable in that landscape.

Cap d'Agde BeachCap d'Agde France


7. Morfa Dyffryn Beach, Wales

Even though has lost the former fame, Morfa Dyffryn beach is still the most popular in the UK and gather every summer day, about 500 amateurs of nudism. Recently, dunes located in the northern beaches have become a meeting place for gay nudists, the area located near the water is frequented by heterosexual couples or single people. A tip for those who decide to spend their vacation at Morfa Dyffryn: do not forget to take with you drinking enough water and protective creams against sunburn, and that’s because the sector nudists is located about a half hour walk distance from the nearest parking.

Morfa Dyffryn is certainly one of the oldest beaches in the world for nudists. With all conservatism, which are known, the English were released this time of inhibitions and frequented Welsh beach since the 30s. In the last years however, the authorities decided to reduce the area for nudists only for a kilometer of beach, and this because of the frequent complaints from conservative people who said they were shocked when they saw the naked bodies of nudists.

Morfa DyffrynMorfa Dyffryn Beach


6. Orient Beach, Saint Martin, Caribbean

A true picture of paradise, so has been described Orient beach in the Caribbean archipelago, probably the most famous beach in this part of the world. Situated on the small island of Saint Martin, the beach has become famous because of the freedom enjoyed by nudists come here. Swimsuits are optional, but the number of nudists is huge, so you should not feel intimidated if you prefer to enjoy the sun without any clothing accessory.

Moreover, Club Orient located only few meters from the beach invites all to feel great, the slogan displayed input does not need any comment – No T-shirts! No problem! -. Orient Beach is famous for its natural beauty, recently being in the list of marine reserves. Besides the idyllic landscape, coconut trees, palm trees, white sand, very fine, and almost surreal turquoise water, you can experience snorkelling (obviously, all nude) where you can admire one of the most spectacular underwater scenery in the world.

Orient BeachOrient Beach Caribbean


5. Tulum Beach, Mexico

Have you ever imagined how it would be to spend your vacation in one of the most exotic and most beautiful nudist beaches in the world, in close proximity to lush forests, to some Mayan ruins and some cenotes – natural pools of water ideal for swimming , snorkelling or diving? Well, Tulum Beach in Mexico is the perfect place to fulfill your dream. In addition, on a certain section of the Tulum Beach you may walk naked absolutely anywhere: the beach, terraces, in hotels and clubs.

You are not required to wear more than, at most,something light when you dine at a restaurant. You must know that Tulum beach is near the famous marine reserve Sian Kaan and Punta Allen, two of the most beautiful reserves of this kind in the world. And the picture to be complete, we add the fact that Tulum is a highly secure, security patrols always watching over things left by tourists on the beach …

Tulum BeachTulum Beach Mexico


4. Baker Beach, San Francisco, SUA

Located just minutes from San Francisco downtown, and giving a gorgeous sight of famous Golden Gate Bridge, Baker Beach is one of the most popular nudist beaches in North America. The former location of a military base, built since the eighteenth century Backer Beach became in the twentieth century a true gathering place for Americans nudists and those from around the world.

On hot days, the beach is full, most of those who came here as students of universities from San Francisco. The boundary of space for nudists and one where  conservative people meet is ambiguous, so you need to head to the north to make sure that you have got the right place. It should be noted that, for years, the place where nudists meet became one of the favorite places for homosexual couples.

Baker beachBaker beach San Francisco

Location: Mile-long Baker Beach lies at the foot of rugged serpentine cliffs west of the Golden Gate
Accommodation: Country Hearth Inn (~2 mi), Laurel Inn (~2,4 mi), Hotel Drisco (~2,7 mi). More on HotelPlanner.
Facilities: Restrooms and picnic tables are nearby
Activities: Large waves, undertow and rip currents make the beach unsafe for swimming.
Size: –

3. Mazo Beach, Wisconsin, SUA


The only nudist beach in the American state Wisconsin, Mazo Beach is one of the “most friendly” beaches in the world. Situated on the Wisconsin River between Sauk City and the small town Mazomanie, nudism beach invites nudism lovers to a whole host of leisure activities, among them being beach volleyball and socializing games or springboards and waterslides.

On this nudism beach are organized Nude Olympics or “Christmas in July” and to the festivities are invited nudists worldwide. Hundreds of people come to Mazo Beach each summer day, and in the evening, organizers are preparing spectacular campfires where nudists can make friends and enjoy the very warm atmosphere. It should, however, keep in mind that Wisconsin river waters are quite whimsical, indicated as not try to swim alone in what may become strong currents at any moment.

Mazo Beach, WisconsinMazo Beach

Location: near the town of Mazomanie off of county highway “Y”
Accommodation: Cedarberry Inn Sauk City (6,1 mi), Skyview Motel (6,7 mi), Crystal Lake RV Resort (11,3 mi)
Facilities: The beach is open only on weekends from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m from March 1 through Sept. 15, no overnight camping, get accurate beach information is from the people manning the blue “Friends of Mazo Beach” umbrella.
Activities: –

2. Swanbourne Beach, Australia

Need to know, however, that the Olympics are addressed to couples and not to single persons. For those who choose to come without a partner at Swanbourne Beach there are also many ways of leisure. Overall, exotic scenery and white sand dunes round out a spectacular place that absolutely all visitors to leave their inhibitions aside to enjoy nature as they themselves declare, at the most simple and beautiful as possible.

If you like nude games and exotic beaches, the Swanbourne Beach is just the place you are looking for. In a top of most attractive competitions for nudism, Australian beach occupies one of  leading places. Thousands of participants yearly take the start to what Australians call Nudist Olympics. Games such as volleyball, pulling rope or running with three legs (in which couples ties one leg before the race starts) are some of the most popular among lovers of this trend.

Swanbourne BeachSwanbourne Beach

Location: 20 minutes by car from the centre of Perth and is located north of Fremantle between Cottesloe and City beaches.
Accommodation: Mounts Bay Waters Apartment Hotel (5.76 mi from Swanbourne nudist beach), InterContinental Burswood Resort (8.43 mi from Swanbourne nudist beach), Sheraton Perth Hotel (6.31 mi from Swanbourne nudist beach).
Facilities: car park (200 m from the beach)
Activities: volleyball, pulling rope or running with three legs; official nudist beach.
Size:  Lot 357 is only 350m long, however the beach for some 2km north of this is still military land and available for nude use except if the firing range is in use.

1. Playa d’Es Cavallet, Ibiza, Spania

Spain is one of the countries with most beaches for nudists and is not longer a secret, and Playa d’Es Cavallet is perhaps the most famous of these. Located only 10 minutes walking from the city, nude beach stretches over a length of 1.1 kilometers and is not more than 40 meters wide. However, green dunes that keep away from prying eyes and fabulous scenery led specialists worldwide to call the ideal place for practicing nudism.

d'Es Cavallet beachd'Es Cavallet beach man

Moreover, d’Es Cavallet beach is a place where many celebrities from Europe and Hollywood come to spend their vacation and to get the perfect tan. The absolute duration of the summer, parties organized by clubs and terraces on the beach are endless, and if you want to live a dream vacation, you only have to give up any clothing accessory, to rent a lounge chair and enjoy one of the hundreds of cocktails provided by the organizers.

Location: 10 minutes drive from all hotels in Playa d’en Bossa or Ibiza Town.
Accommodation: Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, Garbi Ibiza Hotel, Sirenis Goleta/Tres Carabelas Hotel & Spa, Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, etc
Facilities: Loungers, parasols, showers, restaurants, bars, beach boutique.
Activities: Volleyball net, official nudist beach.
Size: 1.1 kilometres long, 30-40 metres wide.


Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada

Located west of the Vancouver, Wreck Beach is a traditional destination for nudist community, recently nominated among the “7 Wonders of Canada”. The access road to the beach is not arranged, so despite the popularity is not very crowded. Locals and tourists can buy all sorts of paraphernalia from vendors that roam the sand as day long.

To comply with the rule area, including vendors walking the beach nude or semi-nude. A drawback might be the weather, which is not always suitable for a sun bath naked.

Wreck Beach

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