Rules that you Have to Follow When you’re at the Beach and Enjoy the Sun

Sun and sea waves make us relaxed, but this should not make us forget some rules of behavior which must take into account when we spend holidays on the hot sand.


While you sit back in the sun with a book in hand, you are hit by a ball over the hands and your book flies away. Nobody says that you should not play volleyball, football or any other sport we love while we are on the beach, but indicated it would be to consume energy in an area far away from where others prefer to stand sun. Perhaps even those run to glory goal stirring small tornado of dust and sand would not agree, in moments of relaxation, to be dusted with sand or receive a ball over the head.

Beach is not ashtray.

 Smokers should abstain from using sand or seawater as ashtray. It is convenient to bury the cigarette butt in the sand or throw him flip the waves, but what says the gesture of one who makes? On many beaches of the world, smoking has been banned because of those tourists who do not care about the environment and transforms beach into a desolate landscape. Moreover, not all cigarettes are biodegradable, so not only toxic substances remain in the lungs of smokers and passive smokers, but get in the ground or water. The best thing would be for smokers to take a puff in a parking place close to the beach do, to not disturb any sunbed neighbors.


What cat buried

It is clear that everyone should clean up after him when he leaves the beach and throw the remains collected during the day to the trash. It is important to not bury the seeds of fruit, bottle caps, paper, seed shells or glass in the sand, and to make them forget with the idea that anyway does not seen anybody. Sometimes beaches are equipped with dumpsters or trash cans, but a garbage bag or a pouch does not occupy much space in the beach bag.

beach volleyball

Running on the beach is not the best idea.

Perhaps you’re hot and you feel the need to jump into the water to stay hydrated. If there is no lifeguard and not depends of you life of a person who is drowning, you have no excuse to run, possibly with shoes or slippers on feet. Nobody is forced to swallow dust and sand thrown by others in their haste to the sea plus that it is not a pleasure to get sand in the eye. Go barefoot on the beach without throwing sand left and right. Walking can be done on the waterfront, where the sand allows you to run freely. That with condition not to sprinkle others from head to toe.

Blanket, bedding, the towel, the clothes or shoes shook with back in the direction from which the wind blows. Of course, do not forget to leave as far away from crowded areas, somewhere close to the sea, so that not throw the sand from you to the rest of the world.

nude bathers beach sign

Follow local rules.

If you want to attract disapproving glances, mean comments or be warned of others, try to find or to inspect the local customs. You can sunbathe in an area where there is no topless? Then make an effort to retain the top of swimsuit. Just like in case of gentlemen, there are places where the short pants is preferred instead of molded and cut briefs. Also be careful not to fall, but have no idea, on some of the beaches in Europe or Australia where do nudism. It is best to ask the receptionist a bit about where you plan to sunbathe.

Do not feed birds (seagulls).

Do not feed the seagulls and other birds when you are on the beach. Beyond that is not healthy for birds to swallow things that are not part of their usual diet, they used to come in increasing numbers on the beach in search of easy food sources. Many of the inedible remains can be swallowed or scattered of animals, another reason not to leave behind garbage.

dog on the beachTips for dog owners.

People who come to the beach with dogs should take into account that animals can shake of water or throw sand in all directions when running to the water. There are few cases where four-legged friend proceeds to dig in the sand, to the dismay of those close to him. Owners of dogs should choose less crowded areas to sunbathe, and to use a leash and muzzle when no other solution at hand. Do not forget to bring water to your dog when you came to the beach, and a container to pour the water. The risk of losing your pet is also increased when the beach is very crowded.

beware of bluebottlesMusic for your ears only.

Each of us has certain musical preferences, so long as you are not the DJ responsible for ensuring the background music on the beach, listen to headphones any rhythm, regardless of the device they are connected. In this way, everyone can enjoy in silence the activity that wants, whether it’s listening to his own playlist, reading, watching the waves or sand castles modeling.

The danger may be real.

 Signs warn of possible dangers are placed on the beach to be ignored. Strong currents, jellyfish invasion, colored flags indicating huge waves and strong winds, each indicator is trying to keep us from unpleasant situations and accidents that can happen when you least expect.

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