How Much Does a Pharmacy Tech Make?

Who are they and what pharmacy tech make?

Task of pharmacist lab technician is to participate in the preparation and eventually production of drugs and their release to patients and other customers – partly independent work, partly coordinated by physicians and / or pharmacists.

What are the duties of a pharmacy technician job?

The obligations include:

– to dispense prescribed drugs by the physicians on prescription or sell drugs that can be bought without prescription or to assist pharmacist in these activities;
– to give the patient explanations about drug administration and effects that can occur;
– to assist in the preparation of medicines;
– independent prepare products that do not contain strong chemicals;
– to prepare radio-pharmaceutical products in accordance with instructions;
– to prepare medications in sterile conditions;
– to manage stocks of medicines and ensure their completion;
– to operate with simple equipment and simple tools for preparing medicines;
– to prepare reagents for use in their lab – to do other lab work preparing and dispensing;
– to take care of medical technology and control the quality of medicines.

Where is the pharmacist technician and under what conditions?

The job is mainly in pharmacies, possibly in pharmaceutical laboratories. Surely it makes contact with various chemicals.

What tools / equipment a pharmacy tech use?

Equipment such as centrifuges, mixers, sterilizing, cooling devices, scales, microscopes, and others like them, and a computer.

What you need to succeed in the profession of Pharmacy technician?

Training in the field or the completion of a school specializing in pharmaceutical theory and practice. You must be able to work with precision, concentration, confidence, have a positive attitude towards people and be able to work with them.

In 2012 Boureau of Labor Statistics issued a report in which was presented a study showing where pharmacy technicians work:

Pharmacies and drug stores 53%
Hospitals; state, local, and private 17
General merchandise stores 12
Grocery stores 7
Ambulatory health care services 3

How much a pharmacy technician make? Pharmacy tech salary.

Average wage rises to $ 12 per hour, and sometimes reaches $ 15 per hour. In a year a pharmacy technician earn on average about 29,000 dollars. Pharmacy technician from drugstores earn less, around 27,000 dollars per year and the employee in a hospital earn over 32,000 dollars a year.

A statistic in the field show that a pharmacist technician earn more in Alaska where salary is about $ 19 per hour and the least in Kentucky with a salary of USD 12.26 per hour.
Depending on the number of jobs, most pharmacies and hospitals seeking pharmacists technicians are California, more than 30,000 jobs, and the fewest in Wyoming and Alaska, under 600 jobs required in the pharmaceutical sector.


Like the physician, the pharmacist is the person in whose hands we entrusts each of us health. In recent years we have heard quite often, statements like “the pharmacist has become a mere clerk, only interested in financial benefits.”

Pharmacist, more than anyone needs in addition of science, very good communication skills, diplomacy and, not least, patience. It also has to be a skillful negotiator, a good user of computer, must have knowledge of accounting and marketing.

How do you get qualified as a pharmacist technician? Pharmacy tech certification.

If you think being a pharmacist tech suits, you have skills, knowledge and want to profess, we provide a website where you can get a degree qualification in pharmacy >>> Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.

Pharmacy technician jobs.

If you have the necessary studies, little experience, skills and vocation a pharmacist technician, you can apply, depending on where you live, one of the jobs and careers in the pharmaceutical field. Some companies offer free courses of specialization.

You can find a job as a pharmacist or other profession here >>> Pharmacy Tech Jobs Application Form Online



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