Glasgow City Impresses with Architecture, Culture and History, an European Destination Worth Visiting – Part 2

Merchant City Glasgow ScotlandA local resident asked why is better Glasgow, than Edinburgh, said: “We have music.” Indeed, the city that in 1990 was elected “European City of Culture” were has born indie bands currents, brit, rock or pop, which became internationally famous. In almost all the clubs and bars are scenes for bands who play livesome are applauded, some hissing, but it seems that it is the baptism to success. This happened with the band Oasis, which has launched in pub “King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut”, or those from Travis, who became famous after playing in the bar “Horseshoe” famous itself because it is longest continuous bar in Europe, horseshoe-shaped.

Also on music chapter, Glasgow received the distinction UNESCO City of Music in 2008, given the success of bands like Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol, The Fratellis and many others. In Glasgow, the rhythms of bagpipe are heard rather on special occasions or traditional evenings, soaked deep into old whiskey.

Kingston Bridge


So great is the rivalry between Celtic and Rangers, that a football match between junior teams of the two teams manages to bring the stadium more than 5,000 spectators. Derby “Old Firm”, as it is known, creates an intense atmosphere throughout the city and quite often violent incidents occurred during the game or after the 90 minutes of play. Eternal rivals will meet but not too soon in an official match after Rangers was relegated to the third division, following the bankruptcy in 2012.

Scots are people proud and fierce rivals with southern neighbors, the English. They would like autonomy from the United Kingdom and are feeling offended when someone calls them “British”. Still, however, the Scots did not retract fully British lifestyle specific. On the other hand, those of Glasgow take their personal war with rival city, capital of Edinburgh, which do not consider authentic Scottish.

“It’s a city of hypocrites with money. There are so many tourists that it becomes a challenge to find a local on the street” says Chris

a guy working at the Youth Hostel in Glasgow. Chris praise his country, although he traveled all over the world. He likes in Glasgow because the music is good, the world is friendly, the people are relaxed and you can get food at any time, even the famous chef Gordon Ramsay of Glasgow.


The city smells like curry – a familiar scent well as in London – not for nothing Glasgow has received the name “British capital of curry.” It’s hard to find a pub that does not serve food, as it is almost impossible to find a street corner without a fast food “fish and chips”.

But traditional Scottish cuisine, mainly based on more cheese, dairy, fish or mutton and beef, losing out to Indian and Chinese cuisine. What happens in many large cities in the United Kingdom, and neighborhoods in Glasgow are occupied almost exclusively by Asian minorities. The two dishes dedicated are haggis and deep fried Mars bar. Both look as bad as it sounds, but the Scots seem not to be able to live without them. In short, haggis is a kind of mince lamb offal mixed with onions and spices, dressed in sheep’s stomach. It is then put in the oven and must necessarily be served with a glass of whiskey.

The second, deep fried Mars bar, exactly constitutes a candy bar that has been frozen before it is wrapped in a dough commonly used at fish, and bathing in a bath of oil. The recipe became a diet symbol of a nation suffering from too much sugar and fat.

Squiggly Bridge


Like all cities cotter water, Glasgow inspires melancholy and invites at walks in night clock on the bridge in the shape of “S” named by locals Squiggly Bridge, under the Kingston Bridge that brings a sense of calmness, or on the elegant Clyde Ark, with its curved design.

However, if you would like to give Victorian parks from Glasgow to Edinburgh rival castles stories, you can get in an hour by train or bus in the Scottish capital, cut out from the stories of princesses and dragons. Also, Loch Lomond, the largest loch (lake) in Scotland is about 40 minutes from Glasgow and offers spectacular views.


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