Things that Nobody Tells You about Childbirth

Bringing up a baby is the most beautiful thing in the world. The wait is full of emotions, the increase of tummy and the baby’s movements along with its growth are unforgettable.

However either because those who went through the experience do not want to terrify the future mothers or because unpleasant aspects related to birth fades very quickly after the baby comes into the world and nothing else matters. Whatever the reasons, there are some things that nobody tells you about childbirth.

A.You Will Not be Allowed to Eat Solid Food

pregnant woman

During labor is not recommended to eat. You will be allowed to drink liquids (clear soup, juices), but the food is contraindicated. That’s because if the doctor will have to perform a cesarean section (though you have discussed a vaginal birth), airways can be by blocked by food.

B. Might to Push a Long Time

pregnant woman in hospital

When someone “gives birth” on TV, pushes 2-3 times, screams the other 4 and ready, the baby came into the world. Well, things go wrong really. At least at first birth, could keep pushing 2-3 hours … are helpful for you during labor the prenatal exercises (yoga for pregnant women, Lamaze classes, etc.) that teaches you to breathe correctly and not panic in when the pain of the contractions is increasing. This is another thing that nobody tells you about childbirth and, the most painful.

C. Lot of People Will see Your most Intimate Parts

pregnant woman giving birth

Sometimes you can just be with the doctor, anesthetist and midwife / nurse. Sometimes you might be part of an army of residents, students, doctors on call and other members of the medical persons. So, if you are a shy person discuss in advance with your doctor this question, so that your childbirth not being a public subject.

D. Anaesthesia does not Guarantee a Pain-free Birth

pregnant woman under anesthesia

You rely on epidural and heard stories about women who told jokes during birth. But there are cases in which anesthesia is not working. Some women said they felt pain on one side of the body, even under high doses of anesthetic, others have felt intense pain in certain periods during birth. So get ready for a dose of pain even if you give birth under anesthesia.

E. The Heart of your Baby can Beat Rarely

new baby born

During labor, the cord stretches and more tense, which affects the baby’s heartbeat. If you are connected to a fetal monitor, the machine will alarm noises that will induce a state of panic, especially if 10 people suddenly fall over your room. Talk to your doctor to know in advance what situations may occur to avoid additional stress.

F. It is Possible to Do No. B on the Table while You give birth to Your Baby

child birth

Because of the effort, it is possible to push during childbirth also faeces. Most times it is administered an enema before childbirth, but sometimes there’s no time for that. Even if you are terrified at the thought that it might happen to you, doctors consider this process perfectly normal .

G. Might You Inflate

inflated legs

To prevent dehydration, you will receive one infusion during labor. So it is possible that immediately after birth to be still very swollen (face, ankles, etc.) due to excess fluid. You will see, however, that shortly after birth you sweat and you feel the need to go to the bathroom often, just to eliminate extra fluid.

H. The birth was the Easy Part

Baby and mother

No matter how terrified you were for giving birth, the brunt is just beginning. Most women focus so much on pregnancy and childbirth, that they forget that the baby must be cared for continuously from the time he is brought into the world. The hard part, but also very beautiful, just after birth actually begins.


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