Incredible Table Tennis Final at Dusseldorf

Ma Long (3rd in world ranking table tennis seniors) and Zhang Jike (No. 4 in the world ranking table tennis seniors) met today in the World Cup Final 10/26/2014 table tennis Liebherr 2014 in the German town Dusseldorf.

Jike Zhang

Zhang and Long were qualified in table tennis finals after winning the semifinals against Timo Boll in 7 sets (11-7, 5-11, 11-8, 16-14, 6-11, 6- 11, 11-6) and Jun Mizutani in four sets (11-9, 11-4, 11-6, 11-7).

All players had a problem at this world table tennis championship 2014 from Dusseldorf. The BALL. New ball sounds different when it reaches table tennis, and is designed from different material. But all recognized that the ball it was not the reason of defeat. The best won and qualified for the semifinals and finals.

Ma Long started well leading 5-1 first set until Zhang to realize their match began. Then Jike showed why he is in the final and came back in the game but failed to win the set, being defeated with the score of 11-8. (Ma Long – Jike Zhang 11-8)
Set 2 was clear and without any problem for Zhang Jike won who won with a score of 11-4. (Ma Long – Jike Zhang 4-11)

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Set 3 started well for Ma Long who led until the last ball of the game’s, but Jike managed to come back and win by 13-11.  (Ma Long – Jike Zhang 11-13)

Set 4 can say that was one decisive game. And that given what followed. Jike in control of the match, and Long was demoralized. Ma Long needed to equalize the score. (overall score 1-2 in favor of Zhang Jike). He led all the way to the final game, and at the score of 8-7 Ma Long felt cornered and called Time Out. Then the game’s end was like a storm. Ma Long won every ball and won the game with the score of 11-7. (Ma Long – Jike Zhang 11-7)

Set 5 was a disaster for Zhang Jike who failed to move in front of more aggressive Ma Long. He won with the score of 11-2, and the unfortunate end was increasingly closer for Zhang. (Ma Long – Jike Zhang 11-2)

Set 6 began. Jike takes the lead. Make it 4-0. Ma Long returns and the score is 5-4 and then 7-4 to Zhang. Ma managed to win just one point and the game ended 11-5 in favor of Zhang Jike. (Ma Long – Jike Zhang 5-11)
Set 7 decisive for the table tennis final.The two begin set shoulder to shoulder until the score 3-3, being on par. Before changing sides, Ma Long was leading by a score of 5-3, and Zhang Jike request time out. Coach’s advice not helped very much at first, but Zhang recovered meanwhile and the score became 7-7 in 7th set.

Ma Long

The tension is seen in the gestures of the 2 players. Ma Long makes a mistake after mistake and score is 10-7 in favor of Jike. Proving why he was the number one world, Ma Long returns and the score is 10-10. Tension grows, Jike does not believe what it happens,  then out of the sleeve the coup de grace, an impossible return and the game ends with Zhang’s victory, scoring 12-10 in the deciding set.

Final Score World Championship Dusseldorf table tennis Liebherr 2014 Ma Long – Jike Zhang 11-8, 4-11, 11-13, 11-7, 11-2, 10-12.


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