How Can you Prevent High Blood Pressure

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Hypertension is the most common chronic disorder. The good news is that a healthy lifestyle can help keep your blood pressure normal.

Blood is carried from the heart to the body tissues through arteries blood pressure represents the force with which blood pushes on the walls of arteries. At each heartbeat (60-70 beats per minute at rest) is pumped blood into the arteries, the maximum pressure when the heart contraction and blood pumping. So appears systolic blood pressure. When the heart is relaxed, the blood pressure is lower, and in this case it is the diastolic blood pressure. That is why at blood pressure measurement is obtained two digits, for example 120 by 80. The higher number is the systolic value and the lower number is the diastolic value. Blood is considered normal when lower values ​​of 140/90 mm Hg. But, there are people which have constantly higher blood pressure as the blood in their arteries drive with a force higher than normal. This phenomenon is called hypertension.

Avoid salt consumption

First change you would have to do would be to reduce dietary the amount of salt. You can do this if you do not add salt to food when cooking, if you eat natural foods instead of processed foods, by avoiding fast food, pickles, canned and cold cuts. If, however, you can not give up the salty taste, you can use a substitute based on potassium chloride.

Keep your weight within the normal

It is believed that half of cases of hypertension in the world are caused by obesity. Maintaining a normal weight not only prevents hypertension, but even if it is already installed, weight loss will be followed by blood pressure reduction. Specifically, studies show that every pound lost causes tension with 2/1, 3 mm Hg lower. In addition, less food means less salt, the effect being cumulative. In addition it is good to know that although blood pressure rises during exercise, you should lose weight using exercises. Avoiding sedentary lifestyle is an important step in preventing hypertension.

Consume fiber

People with a diet rich in fiber (vegetables and fruits) and having a reduced consumption of “bad” fats that increases cholesterol are less likely to have hypertension. In addition, prevent this affection if you get enough potassium in the diet because this mineral is involved in maintaining a low level of tension. Rich in potassium are foods such as potatoes, fish, fruits and vegetables and nuts. Also, it is assumed that calcium should be involved in normalization of blood pressure, because hypertensive patients treated with calcium supplementation have enjoyed an improved health.


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