Common Mistakes during Washing your Hair

Mistakes you can make when you wash your hair without awaken them will compromise the health and appearance of the hair on long term. Excess sebum, excessive dryness or lack of volume are common consequences of improper hair care.

Experts recommend several reliable measures by which to wash your hair properly and that will ensure the beauty and brilliance without much effort.

Proper washing of the hair is the only way you can keep your hair in optimal shape. Any genetic predisposition to the problems of beauty and hair health will be significantly aggravated by wrong habits in this regard. Find out which are the most common mistakes in washing hair and why you should avoid them in the future.

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1. Excessive Foam Shampooing

Many people think that hair is washed better, if the shampoo produce more foam and the ingredients of the formula come in larger quantities all over the strands. Beauty specialists say that in reality, the foam produced by the shampoo remove more sulfur tough, which can dry out the hair and  can deteriorate it over time. Foam shampoo is dangerous especially for curly hair (prone to dehydration).

2. Shampooing in 3 sessions

Equally wrong is, say experts, to shampoo your hair, then rinse it, keep applying again and repeat this process several times in a row. Impurities are removed sufficiently by a single shampooing, followed by rinsing and applying conditioner. If you overdo the amount of shampoo used, you expose your hair and scalp to dryness and other problems associated with excessive dehydration of the scalp.

3. Using shampoo  on insufficiently  wet hair

Another common error is the use of shampoo on insufficiently wet  hair and scalp . When the scalp and strands are partially dry shampoo will not produce enough foam and comes the temptation to add more shampoo to compensate.

Excess of this product means a higher predisposition to dehydration scalp and hair (by removing the protective natural oils and absorption of harmful chemicals). Suggest you to stay under running shower at least 60 seconds before applying shampoo.

4. Using a single type of shampoo

When you discover a brand of shampoo that gives satisfactory results after washing, should know that excessive use can be harmful to the health of your hair. Experts say it is very important to change the assortment shampoo occasionally (every 2-3 months), so as to prevent the accumulation of certain ingredients (such as silicone from a product) to the root hairs.

A solution to this is to appeal to a different brand of shampoo from time to time, but all fit your hair type. Also to prevent the accumulation of hazardous chemicals you use a cleansing shampoo once a month, specifically designed to remove chemical residues from the scalp.

5. Daily shampooing

Hair health can be compromised by daily shampooing as ingredients in shampoo can disrupt the natural balance of sebum produced by the glands of the scalp, hairline role in skin hydration and hair, and protection against dirt and aggressive factors in the environment.

When you wash your hair every day, deprived of these essential oils your scalp and sebaceous glands become overactive . Experts say that even people with oily hair should not turn to daily shampooing, as they can aggravate the problem even more. Using an application on insufficiently dry hair shampoo can help postpone the washing your hair a few days.

6. The first application of the shampoo in the same area of ​​the scalp

As a reflex action, the first application of shampoo gets to be always in the same area of ​​the scalp (usually in the head). If you proceed in this way, while you can see the hair no longer sits as you want in this region, because of local dehydration caused by shampoo applied in a larger quantity at this point.

Try to alternate areas that start shampooing, from the neck up, from the forehead to the back of the sidebar to the center, etc. In this way, do not subject a single portion of the scalp to the largest amount of shampoo.

7. Excessive friction during shampooing

Scalp is more sensitive than many people tend to believe, and excessive friction during shampooing can lead to tissue damage and skin capillary hairs. When you massage the scalp during shampooing, use fingertips instead of nails or hands and make gentle movements circular which does not cause discomfort to the touch.

8. Rinsing excessive dyed hair

If you have dyed hair and rinse excessively, you risk losing the pigment from hair dye with every wash. And in this case it is very important to use warm water to rinse.

9. Washing hair with hot water

Many people prefer to wash their hair with hot water, thinking that the water temperature more effectively help remove impurities. In reality, the high temperature of the water is very harmful to the health of your hair, causing dehydration and loss of the hair strands brilliance.

Warm water instead, helps maintain hydration of the scalp and hair and better absorption of moisturizing ingredients in hair conditioner.


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