Belinda Carlisle Is Happier than Ever as She Returned to Music

belinda carlisle

Considered in its heyday, rival of Madonna, Belinda made ​​history in the world of international music, first with the group female “The Go Go’s” and then in a successful solo career. Has produced years a row hit after hit, and her songs – “La Luna”, “Heaven is a Place on Hearth”, “Circle in the Sand”, “Mad About You”, “I Get Weak,” “Summer Rain” or “Leave a Light on” – have been frantically broadcast by radio stations around the world, and even some of them have reached the films soundtrack. Nevertheless, even if she did not give any moment to music the American origin artist dipped herself, in the early 2000 in obscurity. Misunderstanding with record label producing some less inspired songs and, not least, drugs and life imposed by these, took her from the top of the charts in their tail.

But miraculously, Belinda Carlisle, was reborn. Now, at 55 years old, American artist is flourishing than ever and is determined to climb again in the top. For almost 10 years has found balance after a lasting battle with drugs that she consumed since the age of 14.

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“I was kind of Lindsay Lohan 80s. But, at that time, there were not so many paparazzi and were not only interested in the misery of private lives of celebrities. I would not have survived their election if they had been just aggressive as today … Fortunately, after I turned 40, I was reborn. Today I no longer drink, no smoke and no more drugs. Instead do more yoga and I am moderate in all things. ” singer confessed in an interview earlier this year.

Born on the outskirts of Hollywood, in a modest family, Belinda had a tough childhood that marked her. Her father, a salesman, left the family when she was just 5 years. The little has not really found her place in the new family founded by her mother, stepfather relationship with not just perfect. So it is that very soon, when she discovered her love for music, was seduced by drugs and alcohol. At 19 she left home, dreaming to become a star of the musical stage. In 1978, along with three other girls set up a rock band – “The Go Go’s.” After several changes in the composition, in 1981, The Go Go’s released their debut album, “Beauty and the Beat” and get even topped the U.S. charts. They have been a meteoric appearance on the American music scene, which took it by assault and left it in full glory after four years of presence in the charts and two more successful albums, sold over 7 million copies.

belinda carlisle and Morgan MasonBelinda immediately began a solo career. In 1986, she released the album “Belinda” and she married to actor Morgan Mason. Her life seemed a dream come true, the success and love harmonize perfectly. Behind this image was hiding evil. For years the artist managed to hide, even from her husband, addiction to alcohol and drugs. But these two great vices have to be added to a new problem: obsession weight. Even if she was not very fat, in the ’80s, Belinda could not keep up with her ​​rival musical figure, Madonna. “I thought she looked phenomenal, just because he was weaker than me.” To lose weight, began to starve herself for months, and afterwards to fall into depression and take refuge in food and cocaine.” If I was eating something << impermissible>> for hours I was doing my consciousness processes … And If founding again taste of cakes, I was not stopped before eating an incredible amount, silently counting calories every bite. “She said in her autobiography” Lips Unsealed “released in 2010.

Along with bulimia and new food obsessions, head out to light the artist’s earliest problems that are seen now of her relatives. Fans did not know about them. In terms of artistic is unstoppable, and her albums are selling like hotcakes. “Heaven on Earth” (1987) and “Runaway Horses” (1989) rocketed up the charts. Unfortunately, not even the birth of her son, James Duke Mason (1992), fails to wake up to reality and attempts of detoxification and rehab remain just simple attempts.

After the birth of James, followed two other albums “Real” (1993) and “A Woman and a Man” (1996), then the artist lived for years among the faded glory.
Only in 2007, after a break of more than 10 years, has released a new album “Voila” including French chansonette. Even if this new album has not topped the charts, is not negligible, is proof that now, after passed over 40 years the artist has found the desire to live. Belinda gave up drugs and alcohol, returned to vegetarianism, betrayed in a while, became a Buddhist and started to deepen kundalini yoga, becoming teacher of this style. And her life get a new way thanks to the full.

Traces of more than 30 years of abuse have been removed like with a sponge and today we see a woman vibrant, thriving and creative:

“I’m happier than ever. I have a wonderful family, a great career, great friends and a lot of healthy hobbies that keep me in shape. I went through hard times in life, but all those experiences led here and now. At this moment I am very satisfied with my life and my accomplishments, “she says today.

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This year, after a long wait, Belinda has released a new single “Sun” which was very well received by critics and fans were longing to hear a new album of her.

“I have reached a point in my career when I can just choose to interpret what I want. Music you hear today on the radio or on TV is totally devoid of originality. Unfortunately, in the last 15 years did not passed through the hands really great songs. This song “Sun” has stuck to the heart and decided to register. There is not the only song that I liked. I picked several songs written by composers with whom I once worked and record them all. Since I decided not to do even a new album, but I will pull out some news the coming months. “

She said in an interview with the magazine “Billboard” in May this year.


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