8 Gadgets for Teens Understandable to Parents

Long gone are the days when teenagers wanted a cell phone. Now, they are passionate about everything that means gadgets. Among the favorite of young people include the iPod, laptop, mobile phone or PlayStation 3. Here’s what your child wants and how much it cost to make a surprise!

galaxy s4Mobile Phone

Today, mobile phones are no longer a luxury. Everyone who had the first phone they want now a newer model, better and more exciting. Most Wanted phones have Internet connection and inbuilt camera. Considering that mobile phone can be purchased at a symbolic price with a subscription, this should not surprise us. In terms of prices, mobile phones can be purchased with or no subscription at prices to less than $ 100.

digital camera

Digital Camera

In each of us lies a photographer. Especially during adolescence, young people are exposed to various influences exercised by their friends. It’s time they want to have as many memories and what better way than storing them with the digital camera. The photos can be easily transferred and stored in the computer so, the digital camera, is another gadget that young people are not lacking.

mp4 player

MP3 player, MP4 player

From MP3 to MP4 difference is small but significant. On a mp4 player you can watch videos and photos, in addition to the classic MP3 player function, namely to listen anywhere anytime your favorite music. The prices for these gadgets are about $ 50.

iPod nanoiPod
For the popularity of the iPod are not guilty teenagers. iPod has as much success among the young and among adults or children. You can store a lot of music on it and you can take with you everywhere. It’s a device that you have music anywhere anytime. You can choose from many designs, different sizes, different features and prices. Some versions of iPod do not support video, while others do. You can choose and depending on storage capacity, starting at 2 GB iPod shuffle and reaching 160GB iPod classic.


There is not an entertainment system better than a computer. And if it is a portable and optimized for best performance multimedia, no doubt: teenagers want more!

tablet pc

Tablet PC

Compared to a laptop, the tablet is superior in terms of web browsing and battery life. Also, due to the tablet shape is easier to hold it and interact with it than with a laptop. What makes it superior to a laptop is the interface “multi-touch” that makes the keyboard or the mouse to look from the past.


A pair of good headphones is among the most sought-after gadget by games or music lovers. Teenagers are no exception. And they need good headphones! Especially since the advent of portable music players, people, especially young people incorporate music and more in their lives. They listen to music on the way to school or college and even when running in the park.

Game Boy AdvanceGame boy

Game Boy Advance, often shortened to GBA is a portable video game console. Even now an excellent system game, it’s no wonder that GBA is among preferences. Game boy Advance is one of those devices that any teenager would like.


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