15 Reasons for Not Owe Any Explanation to Anyone

Sometimes explanations or justifications given in front of people can be real or lies. To avoid situations when we have to justify ourselves and to have a  healthy mentally, it is best not to offer explanations when it is not necessary.

Sometimes people go so far as to ask you to explain your decisions and choices you make in your life. Perhaps you might feel obliged to answer, but some things are exactly your problem and not owe anyone an explanation. Here are the 15 reasons for not owe anyone an explanation:

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1. Do not owe anyone an explanation for your life situation

Whether you are cohabiting with your ex boyfriend or your ex girlfriend, whether you like to spend your nights in various hotel rooms, whether you live with your parents after the age of twenty years, no need to explain for anyone what you are living for, how and why, if you do not want to do that. If you are fully aware of your situation of life, then it means you have your own reasons why you are in this situation of life, and this is only your problem.

2. Do not owe anyone an explanation for your life priorities

Each of us, including you, have our own ideas about what makes us and those we love, happy, this being our main priority. Since each of us are unique individuals, with different values​​, different dreams and aspirations, it is natural that our priorities in life to be totally different. Do not owe anyone an explanation for your priorities. This is simply your problem, and each of us choose to express or not these priorities with others.

3. Do not owe anyone an apology if you do not truly sorry

If you do not regret your actions, if you still think that person is wrong or if you do not care too much about forgiveness should not apologize. Far too many people are rushing to offer their apologies and try to repair wounds that have not even provoked. Thus wounds they worsen and cause more problems, especially for themselves. You really do not need to apologize if you’re not sorry or if your perspective on the story was not heard.

4. Do not owe anybody an explanation if you want to spend time in loneliness

You may worry about how others will be perceivable. You probably think that you will be seen as “a unsociable person” or “anti-social” or as having “rude” behavior when you make the choice to cancel certain plans or get eludes certain “obligations” only to make your time for yourself to relax or read a good book. However, spending time in solitude is absolutely normal practice, natural and absolutely necessary that increasingly more people should adopt. Take time for yourself because you are not obliged to give anyone any explanation.

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5. You do not owe anyone consent to their personal beliefs

Just because someone shares your personal convictions with passion, that does not mean you have to sit there and nod approvingly at everything that person says. In case you are not agree with beliefs is unfair to yourself and to the other person you suppress your own thoughts and feelings to pretend that you agree with what she says. It is much healthier to show your disagreement in a manner graceful, than sitting there and you suppress dissent and frustration.

6. You do not owe anyone a “Yes” to everything says

You have the right to say “No” when there is not a single compelling reason to say “Yes.” In fact, the most successful people in the world are those who have mastered the art of saying “No” to everything there is for them a priority. Recognize the goodness of other people and try to be grateful for that, but do not be afraid to politely refuse when something removes you from your goals and priorities. This is how you move forward in life.

7. Do not owe anyone an explanation for your physical appearance

You might be fat, thin, tall, short, “pretty …” or “too …” but do not have to explain to anyone why you look the way you look. Your physical appearance is only your business and you are not obliged to give explanations to anyone. Appearance should not be a determining factor in the respect that you give to yourself.

8. Do not owe anyone an explanation for your eating preferences

There are certain foods that probably do not like for various personal reasons. No need to explain your food preferences to anyone. Food preferences are a personal matter. In case someone bothering you and ask why you eat, or not eat certain foods, you can easily get over the situation saying that you do not feel well after eating these foods.

9. You do not owe anyone an explanation for your sexual life

As long as it happens with your consent do not owe anyone any explanation when and how you decide to live your sexual life. Perhaps you want to get married or are a fan of one-night stand. Regardless, your sexual preferences should not be the subject of explanation.

10. Do not owe anyone an explanation for your career or your personal life

Sometimes circumstances force us to make a choice between work and “social life”. The decision is not easy and might, most often to choose work, not for the reason that we would like to have a social life, but we are trying to build something that will provide safety and satisfaction in the future. Anyway, do not owe anyone an explanation about the reasons that led you to choose career or social life, to the detriment of other aspects of life.


11. Do not owe anyone an explanation for your religious or political views

Whether you are a Democrat, a liberal, an Orthodox or Protestant, it is simply your personal choice and should not be subject to an explanation before. Do not owe anyone an explanation for what you are and what you think. In case someone can not accept you as you are, it’s their problem, not yours.

12. Do not owe anyone an explanation for the fact that you’re alone

Whether you are single because of circumstances or because of personal choice, it is not up to anyone. This is definitely not a personality disorder. You have complete freedom to choose if you want to get involved in a relationship or not. In addition, you are more than just a status, and this is one of those social labels that nobody should care about anyway.

13. Do not owe anyone an appointment just because wants to see you

You might be beautiful, look good and be interesting. However, do not owe anyone an appointment just because wants to see you. In case inside you feel like you do not want to go on a date, then do not go. Perhaps you’ll give a little explanation, but offer one as short as possible and keep your decision.

14. Do not owe anyone an explanation for your decision on marriage

Whether you choose to marry or not to have children or not, it is your personal decision. Even your mother who would fervently like a grandson should understand that this is a personal decision and that is not right for everyone. She should respect your decision, no matter how hard it would be.

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15. Do not owe anyone an explanation about the choices within your relationship

Sometimes people push the limits so much that make inappropriate comments about the relationship in which you are involved. It is not their business. Perhaps you’ll hear comments like “is not the right person …” or “you should find someone else …”. However, you are not obligated to give anyone an explanation about it. Live your life and  do not remain involved in a relationship just because someone advises that it would be good. The consequences of an impact on your mistakes, not on who offers  free “advice”.



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