10 Types of Women that Men Avoid

If all the women you’ve met so far proved to be annoying or behaved strangely, according to your standards, you should not still think of women as all are the same, whatever and wherever in the world would be. Maybe you choose the wrong kind of woman and you should change your standards. Although love meetings should not mean categorization of women;  are some female personalities that make men take her to flee. If you stay away from these types of women you will not have headaches later:

1. Talkative

This type of woman who does not shut up ever, barely has time to breathe. The only thing that seems to concern is related to her. Always has something to say regardless of the subject and wants to dominate every conversation.

2. Desperate

The woman in this category is fantastic, at least initially, until she starts talking about looking for wedding venues, about how many children would like or the name of the family dog, even on the first date. When a woman is advancing so quickly, you should be very careful. Desperately needs a man so everyone could be on her list, even the beggar at the corner of the block.

Sexy Woman

3. Criticism

Nothing that you do is not good enough in her eyes. Nothing seems to work if it is done according to her standards. Whatever is said about anything is taken out of context and turned into a reason to fight. Such women have a rich emotional baggage will turn into a sour and nervous person , with her life will be miserable.

4. Bimbo

This woman can not pass any test of intelligence easiest but a PhD in science when it comes to the bedroom. For this woman who looks great, the challenge is to not open her mouth. Her undeniable skills rely on a physical component. And after one crazy night you do not want to introduce to your parents.

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5. Precious

It’s the kind of woman that if she broke a nail is expected to leave everything and to go to the nail salon. Her father always said she’s a princess and therefore “must” be treated accordingly. She has expensive tastes and expect to buy the best things and regularly go to fancy places.

6. Clingy

This woman can not go anywhere without being accompanied by her husband. Will adopt her interests and will call you 20 times a day if she’s not next to you. This woman will always insist to spend with her every freedom moment that you have, refusing to let you go out to a meeting with the guys or anywhere else where there is not too.

7. Motherly

Women in this category have a great body and a great personality. There’s only one problem: every man becomes a  potential father for her children’s. Falls in love with a man and not only does not know to judge the character of a man, but is also irresponsible. The same man who is now an asshole, after a very short time becomes God on earth.

8. Profiteer

Being a fan of gold will compliment the expensive watch, she will ask what kind of car you drive, what you do to earn a living, where you live etc. Just as with the precious, has high expectations and will leave as soon as your income has declined and you may not go shopping before. This woman will leave your wallet empty and also will leave you.

Sexy Girl

9. Club lover

Club lover woman is every man’s fantasy. She has an angelic face, full lips, big eyes, long legs and elegant curves that you absolutely all you want. The problem with this woman is that they like to wear clothes that reveal what she has most valuable, not only to you but also to all the guys who are on the street. Such a woman can be carefree and wild, but after a closer look you will realize that her life is limited to parties at night.

10. Feminist

This woman can never be happy with a man and believes that men are the cause of all pain and suffering of society. She thinks that women are more intelligent than men and they are only able to do things in a proper way. No need to waste time with her because no matter what you do you’ll be the the bad guy.


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