10 Tips for a Slow Aging

Many of us would like to be healthy and beautiful ever after, but you can not stop time. At the same time, you can slow this process by more than a few very simple strategies. The following ten tips, they will help you stay young and fit:

Sun tanning

  1. Skin should be protected. Two main factors influence how we age: internal factors, such as genes that we have inherited and other external factors such as sun exposure and smoking. The area where you can make changes from the moment it is the exterior, as quitting smoking or applying a lotion that protects you against sunlight. Without this lotion, sunlight can make significant changes to your skin. Smoking, on the other hand, causes biochemical changes in the body of smokers, changes that accelerates the aging process. Studies have shown that smokers are more prone to wrinkles than people who do not smoke.Physical exercises
  2. Physical exercises always present in daily activities. We all know something about osteoporosis, decreased bone density which intervenes silent with the age. Lack of exercise is one of the main causes of this condition. A similar condition is called sarcopenia, a condition that affects your muscles silent with the age. Between the ages of 30 and 80 years 15% of muscle mass disappears. The addition of weekly strength training can prevent loss of muscle mass that occurs with age. Flexibility also disappears with age. Heating ligaments and joints regularly can reduce the effects of aging them.Confident businesswoman with a folder.
  3. Keep your mind confident. Regarding physical activity, psychological and social, long-lived people shares a certain character, they give proof of personal efficacy enviable. These people view problems as challenges and assume some responsibility for their actions. These issues indicate that an extraordinary physical condition is needed to slow the aging process.eating
  4. Eat healthy and calculates calories. Probably you will not be very happy when you will hear this advice, but researches have shown that reducing calories, we can avoid a lot of diseases that occur with age, such as diabetes, cholesterol, heart attack and the stroke. A study of the University of Medicine in St. Louis 25 volunteers subjected to a regime of 1400 to 2000 calories per day for six years. Heart function was compared with the other 25 volunteers who kept a diet that contained between 2000 and 3000 calories. The elasticity of the heart muscles, blood pressure and predisposition to certain diseases was lower in subjects who were undergoing less calorie regime.Couple Having Sex
  5. Sex, definitely not fatten and we do not get old. An active sex life helps us to keep young, no doubt. Sex improves our mental state, we relax and eliminate stress. A study published in the journal “Psychology Today” found a direct link between sexually active people and their health. Women satisfied with the quality and quantity tend to live about a year and a half longer than usual time.



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