10 Things that a Man Wishes from a Woman

Not all the answers in this world need questions!
Sometimes what happens happens naturally. And if one morning you woke up happy lying on his shoulder, then it happened.
Then you beautiful woman will bloom like a winter rose, picked between his hands, hugging. Then you, female beings, do things that go beyond vanity, gestures and everyone that revolves around you.

1. Be simple!
Be simple with him. Be as you are. The day he decided to write the name on his heart deeply, decided and with who to share this day. With you! Be happy taking him by hand, and do not try to create barricades full of words and little trifles. Do not stifle him with questions or messages. Yes, he love it when you show love for him, but he likes to be a genuine love. Do not possess. Give him the freedom to choose. If would want to stay will stay. Do not try to look different, to put infront the female pride even when you’re right. He is wrong, but you’re wrong too. He builds, build and you too. Do not offer the whole love, you could stay with her, just her. And do not cry for no reason, because he just wants to cry for joy.

love him

2. Love him!
Love him as only you know. Guess his wishes and days when he’s tired. Forgive him if he  sincerely ask forgiveness. Forgive him if he can not make romantic gestures, and embrace him when appears at your door with a bouquet of flowers. Accept his past and be part of his future plans. Send him a message when is occupied in the city, a response to the flowers sent on facebook and a kiss when takes you by surprise. Love him if he’s going by car or trolley. Or when you walk strolls hours. Love it for what it is all natural and shortcomings. . Make it so that love to hold after 30 and 40 days .. or years. Love him when is dressed up stylish or appear in front of you in underwear. Do not invent the love, just build it with him. Creating, desiring, loving!

African couple kissing in bed

3. Enjoy him!
Even when sleeping. When he looks at you when your face eating a piece of cake, when he drives away a confused feather on the coat. When is waiting for you without sleep when you are late of work and when he wakes up happy hands reaching out to the other side of the bed, knowing you’re there. When he kiss you unexpectedly when you get hug in the street and boasts in front of all his friends that has you next to him. Enjoy when he’s happy and when make you the same. When is with you and when is in your mind. Enjoy that you are the first who knows of his successes, and also can embrace first when something is not working. Enjoy when he is as a kid and when he make decisions. Enjoy that tomorrow morning you will get from him a love message. In the evening a longing kiss.

man and woman

4. Stirs his imagination!
When you’re in warm pajamas, in winter coat down or you do not have any clothes on you, show that you care: of what he thinks and what he sees. The men are loving with eyes and sometimes only with  the eyes. And when you put perfume of charming woman, and when a few strands of hair  go rough over eyes. Not necessarily you to buy the most fashionable dress, nor to use the most sophisticated in the art of seduction tricks. Understand the tastes and desires of men, touching him, embracing him, asking him. Appear in front of him in underwear that he gave to you. Surprise him with what you are. Be different from the others, as some are different from each other. Talk to him with eyes, lips, hands, with whispers. The men also have instincts, desires, pleasures.

5. Tell him what you feel!
When there is something between you and what exists is called love, it must be spoken and understood. Love has words, senses, touches and whispers said in the ear . Love has eye to watch on them and lips to kiss. Hands to touch and neck to coil yours hands. Sometimes, “I love you” is not said in words. Sometimes, “I hate you” is said only in words, not understood. Tell him when is good and when is no good. Tell him when you have trouble: but do it openly, honestly and without complain to everyone around. Do not accuse of silent, maybe you’re the first one to need to speak. Tell him that kisses well and is good in bed. Or not. For all the emotions in the world there is one word. Most times it is enough to speak for things to go right away.

freedom man and woman

6. Give him freedom!
Use all things that you have in common. Until the moment when he ask you to leave him alone, to go where he wants. If will want to do things together will do this. Will give you the freedom and every moment of the life. Do not impose to be present when he do not want to. Freedom of choice is probably the strongest reason to stay together. Conquer him with your personality and not with your presence anywhere, anytime. Love does not count the seconds spent together, but the moments when he wants to be together. Do not follow step by step, because his tracks will be lost “deep in snow.” Free does not mean to be independent of you but to be dependent because this he wants.

7. Undress him!
Of thoughts and emotions that he lives with you. Help him feel. Know how he feels. Unbutton shirt buttons and remain suspended with hand on his chest. Banish all misunderstandings that settled over him like a iron clothes. Undress him, because he likes too. And put his shirt in the morning, because  he likes too. Give reasons to conquer you. Ask reasons to amaze. Surprise him naked on a edge of bed, hug body and soul with your hands. Throw away any garment. Clothing or thoughts. Naked, you will know best. Naked, will not  hide you anything.

man and woman talking

8. Listen to him!
One day, will sit quietly next to you and he will say decided: I want to tell you something! Then you will not have to amaze, to run away or seek answers. Then you have to listen. Listen to him when he makes you statements when he comprises with the words of the man decided to surprise you. Listen to him when he’s angry when he’s like a child. Listen to his heartbeat in the morning: they will tell you if he’s happy beside you. Listen to and respond. Do not listen to him as a god, because they do not obey the gods themselves. Listen to when you were fighting and when you love. It’s the most important thing. Because when you are fighting, does not mean that you do not love each other. And when you do not fight, does not mean that you do not love each other!

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9. Be careful at gestures!
Kiss him on the cheek when he’s unshaven, because you adore so and not otherwise. Do not talk nonsense to any reply. He will smile watching your lips as they say meaningless words and then he will never smiling. Need to know that every man assumes the role of hero. And first he will want to be your hero. So do not refuse to help, do not deny his shoulder and his kiss on the forehead, sometimes not refuse to accept the whims of men. Make him feel useful, loved and understood by you. The man is not a piece of cake sweet that you want to always have in the fridge. The man is the one that you want to buy, cook and eat this piece of cake sweet anytime. And understand that love does not mean the moments when you just feel loved. Love is when you clean his orange better than yours, you take care of his works better than yours and you understand him better than you understand yourself.

man and woman hugging

10. Be together!
Dream together, love together, smile life and the people around together. Live well together, solve problems together, raise children together. Buy, cook and eat together. Together choose holiday place and all together come back from vacation. Get splashed with snowballs and beautiful words. Stroll along the driveway and build. Lie down in bed together tonight and tighten bed together in the morning. Together travel and enjoy the moments that bring you together. Love together! Together!

Be simple! Love him! Enjoy him! Stirs his imagination! Tell him how you feel! Give him freedom! Strip him! Hear him! Be careful gestures! Be together!


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