10 Reasons Why Your Period is Late

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Nothing causes more fear in any woman’s heart than a delayed menstruation. Except, of course the situation where trying to conceive a child. So, pregnancy is the first thing we think of when menstruation does not come just in time. But is it the only possible cause?

Here are the 10 most common reasons why your menstruation did not appear on time:

1. Stress. Stress can affect many aspects of our lives, including menstruation. Sometimes we are so messed up that our body decreases the production of hormones that cause ovulation and menstruation implicitly.Try to find alone or together with your doctor ways to relax and enter the normal program period.

2. Diseases. An unexpected illness, short or long term can cause delay menstruation. This happens usually temporary.

3. Changes in the program. Changes in your program can confuse your body clock . This is especially true if changes are major, such as start working at night instead of working day or vice versa.

4. Drugs. Maybe take a new drug and then period or even missing. Talk to your doctor about these changes.

5. Extra Pounds. Gaining weight too much could make changes in hormonal cycles that may even stop your menstrual cycle. Most women return to regular menstruation and fertility after losing weight.

6. Pounds less. If you do not have enough fat in the body, your menstruation can be disturbed or even stoped. Normally, gaining weight will help you return to normal. This is a common cause for women who work hard or are athletes.

7. Miscalculations. The menstrual cycle varies from woman to woman, although, on average, it takes 28 days. Sometimes we may be going to worry that delayed menstruation when in fact, we have not calculated correctly.
If you have irregular menstrual cycles, but know when you are in the period of ovulation, calculate your menstruation two weeks after ovulation. This can help you more easily follow menstruation duration.

8. Perimenopause. Perimenopause is the time when you are in transition from the reproductive age to infertility. Your menstruation can be mild or more pronounced, more frequent or rare. However, most often they are not normal.
If you do not want to get pregnant, make sure you use contraception because you can be fertile at least one more time.

9. Menopause. Menopause occurs when your body stops producing ovules and so you have no menstruation. Menopause can be natural or artificial can be caused by surgery or certain aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy.

10. Pregnancy. Yes, if your menstruation delayed, there is likely to be pregnant. A simple pregnancy test will help you determine if your menstruation delayed because the ovule has been fertilized.

If you’re pregnant, you should go to the doctor for a examination. But if the result is negative, wait a week and repeat the test. If all goes negative the second time and have at least an idea of ​​the cause for which you delay menstruation, schedule it for a gynecological exam.


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